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How Does Six Dollar Clicks . Com Work?

How Does Six Dollar Clicks . Com Work? IJUSTMADE in Less Than 5 Minutes! Get paid .00 per click! Join Six Dollar Click right now to start earning unbelievable profits for every click you make. Take a look at our membership benefits below and you’ll see why we are the best around. No-risk membership, free to join. No limits on your earnings. Get paid .00 per click. 00 cashout minimum. 10-200% referral earnings. Daily links guaranteed. Advertise With Us You have to try our advertising to believe it! We have a large, active memberbase eager to see your advertisements every day, maximizing both your exposure and advertising dollar! PTC advertising starts at just . PTC-focused, maximizing member exposure. Get your banner displayed for only .50. Daily-unique human visitors. Advanced anti-cheat measures in place. No hidden fees.
Video Rating: 5 / 5 GIG VIDEOS- DON’T PAY .00+ CPC FOR ADWORDS WHEN YOU CAN GET FB AD CLICKS FOR LESS THAN .03 CENTS EVERYDAY USING MY 100% LEGITIMATE & SECRET METHOD! Ever wonder why Google charges so much for advertising? Well take a look at some of the Fiverr Gigs here: It’s HIGHLY abused & revenues are shared w/ too many. With years of research, I discovered a secret method on Facebook VERY SIMPLE TO DO! NO BORING LECTURES! REAL HUMANS! I give you a video tutorial that I made where I reveal and expose to you a secret, legitimate, yet simple method I learned over the years on how to basically get free online advertising for life IF you do it right – and what I mean by that is, all you have to do is basically take the info I give you, and apply it the exact same way I am. This method is actually SO simple, the total duration of my video Tutorial is only 5 minutes. I spent years of research and thousands of dollars on many different online CPC, CPA, & CPM advertising platforms. Then paid over 00 (up front) to a leading SEO company back in 2006 for an old website I used to run. Learned all their secret methods, then fired them (I discontinued my monthly payments to them but still paid the initial 00) because I no longer needed them. Then I spent about 3 years in Affiliate Marketing. After spending another couple grand on the BS all those “Gurus” try to sell you on Clickbank, etc., I discovered a simple, effective way to get cheap Ad clicks using the FB Ads Platform

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  1. mostafizur412008 says:

    Sup, have you wondered this method called the Intellitus Cash System?? (Google it). My friend says it makes people plenty of profits.

  2. 13l4CK says:

    okay that is cool, another question is that it is may 25 now,
    i should have gotten? a refreshment on 6 ads, yet it still says no ads to display,
    is there a time limit or a time out refresh rate on those ads, ?

  3. Kingdombusinessable says:

    there is no limit to your downline it’s to infinity Premium? members get more ads to click

  4. 13l4CK says:

    is there a limit to your downline ?
    or your downline’s Downline? ?
    i am a free member as well, looking forward to buying the membership in the future, because i am really depending on 6$clicks to breach me to 6k..
    how long have the site been running for

  5. 13l4CK says:

    Hello , can you upload a quick utube video of what your 6$click back office looks? like now ?
    because i registered under your downline, i just wanna see what the progress is as of 05/24/12

  6. Kingdombusinessable says:

    do what i do,do some youtube videos and use traffic exchange sites,facebook it? twitter it as well

  7. Kingdombusinessable says:


  8. 13l4CK says:

    thank you, how can i get people to register under my downline ?
    not many people click on? links & register nowerdays..
    i want to bring a good downline to my circle